Printmaking, Painting & Mixed Media Artist

Printmaking, Painting & Mixed Media Artist

Printmaking, Painting & Mixed Media ArtistPrintmaking, Painting & Mixed Media Artist

About Sue Bradford

I am a Northern California artist working in oil, mixed media, and encaustic, as well as printmaking in monoprint, solarplate and chine colle. 

Ideas I connect with and bring into my work are:

  • Temporal change - the changes in an object or idea that occur over time, changing the meaning or the object or idea
  • Mapping (timeline, cartography and topography) - a means of showing change in a time, height, distance or relationship
  • Iconic forms (house, dress, body) - recognizable forms with universal meanings which evolve in context to present new definitions
  • Letters, words and text
  • Stitch, line and thread

I merge together a sense of place and journey, composing a story through layering information, color, text, transparency and opacity. My work evolves in layer upon layer, message embedded upon message. The viewer journeys through the layers of information to form their own experience with the work.